Hear what parents are saying about the CPBC Academy and the difference the programs have made in the life of their kids:

Sillo N., Parent
Silver Spring, MD


"Since attending this program, my daughter has become a very confident public speaker. After attending a college tour at Bowie State University last year with College Bound, she began doing the research needed on what to do to get into a university. She has already chosen her first ten Universities and what major and minor she wants to graduate in. This is a Godsend program.  It prepares her for her future, on how to carry herself out in the real world and what to expect." 

Glenn S. and Kiana S., Parents
Montgomery Village, MD


"We've noticed a big improvement in how our boys approach and tackle their math problems. Because of the support from the math group at the Christian Academy, the boys are able to work through their math problems in most cases needing very little help from us at home. They're also learning the fundementals for proper communication -  learning how to project and do so with confidence when speaking. They both mentioned that what they like the most about the Christian Academy is that they get this support alongside friends they've known for a while. As parents, we appreciate the efforts by the Academy to support what they are actively learning in school. "

Paulette J., Grandparent
Takoma Park, MD


"Higher Ground has helped Jermiyah and Savion become better communicators, as well as working together as a team. From the lessons they are taught they can now make better eye contact, project their voice better and learn how to really put emotion into what they're saying. The implementation of the debate program has been so rewarding. They both have appreciated the encouragement from their leaders. Dr. Cassandra Lewis has encouraged them greatly when she explained to them what steps were taken in order for her to become ' Dr.' ."

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