The Clifton Park Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to offering dynamic and inspiring academic and leadership development programs to assist 3rd through 12th grade students in reaching their full spiritual, academic and leadership potential. Our courses focus on providing extra curriculum for students in STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Our main goal is to motivate students’ interests in these fields and give them an outlet for expanding their interests beyond what classes that are provided at school. The unique focus of our program is our emphasis on developing skilled and confident communicators. The Saturday Academy is open to students in the Washington, DC area and is supported by community members who volunteer their time and resources.

Dr. Cassandra C. Lewis

​Clifton Park Academy Board Chair

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to Inspire and to equip students to excel, lead and reach their god given potential.

Core Values

The Clifton Park Academy is purposed to create a college- and life-ready student, characterized by six indispensable core values:


  • Excellence – Academy students are marked by high expectations to achieve their personal best in all that they commit to do.

  • Faith – The Academy encourages students to live a life of committed discipleship through personal faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Leadership – The Academy develops leaders who are able to inspire and guide others with boldness and thoughtfulness.

  • Respect– The Academy cultivates a rich environment of esteem, cooperation and mutual respect in which each student is a compassionate and considerate member of the community.

  • Responsibility – Academy students are motivated by personal responsibility and exemplify initiative, focus and self-control.

  • Service – Academy students are instilled with a commitment to community and service to others.

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